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Follow These Pointers to Make SURE You Get PAID By ClickBank for the Ebooks You Sell!

The very first step in the Big Dogs program is, of course, the purchase by a prospect of the “Secrets of the Big Dogs” ebook.

The prospect makes his purchase of the ebook at our main sales site, at which he arrived by way of your ClickBank hoplink.  Once the purchase is made, the ebook then “takes over” the sales process and promotes all the C.H.I.P. programs FOR you.

Obviously, then, the most vital and important part of the Big Dogs program – where it all starts – is your ClickBank hoplink.

Now, we've already discussed the ClickBank hoplink pretty thoroughly in Chapter 8 of the ebook.  But, because it's SO important we want to go over the topic again here, in this Fast-Track Tutorial...

If you'll recall, ALL ClickBank hoplinks for the Big Dogs program are in a standard format.  That is, they ALL look like this…..


The ONLY way YOUR hoplink will differ from any other Big Dogs affiliate is the “XXXXXX”  This is YOUR individual ClickBank “nickname.”  For example, if, when you applied for a nickname at ClickBank, you chose “hotdog” then your hoplink would look like this…..


Likewise, we might have a Big Dogs affiliate in Russia (for example), who may have chosen the nickname of “redstar”  HIS hoplink would look like this…..


Notice that his hoplink and your hoplink are identical...with the exception of the nickname toward the beginning of the URL.  To repeat.....

ALL ClickBank hoplinks for the Big Dogs program are the same, with the exception of the nickname.

Are we all up to speed on the basic format of the ClickBank hoplink?  Good.  Now, given the crucial importance of your hoplink, there are a few points to keep in mind – IF you want credit for your ebook sales!

Point Number 1:

"Before you can begin promoting the Big Dogs program using your ClickBank hoplink, you must formally register your selected nickname with ClickBank!"

Since obtaining a ClickBank nickname was Step 9 in the ebook for becoming an Alpha Dog, most of you are probably thinking that this is a real no-brainer - that we're being redundant here.  But every so often we have a new affiliate who simply ASSUMES that they can pick a nickname, just insert it into the standard format of the ClickBank hoplink, and begin to promote the Big Dogs program.  Not so!

You must FORMALLY register your desired nickname at the ClickBank site.

For example, we recently had a new Big Dogs affiliate from Ohio who decided to use his first name (Ralph) as his nickname.  He “plugged” it into the standard hoplink format, and began promoting the program, BEFORE HE FORMALLY REGISTERED THE NICKNAME AT THE CLICKBANK SITE!  Unfortunately, his first few ebook sales were credited to a person in Australia who HAD formally registered the nickname of “Ralph” years ago.  In fact, this Australian marketer was not even a Big Dogs affiliate!

Don’t let this happen to you!

BEFORE you start to promote, make sure you formally register your desired nickname at the ClickBank site, as per our instructions in Chapter 8, Step 9 of the “Secrets of the Big Dogs” ebook!

Point Number 2:

"Before you begin promoting, you should verify that your ClickBank hoplink is working properly!"

This is a very simple procedure, and once again, we've covered it pretty thoroughly back in the ebook.  But before you do any promotion, you MUST verify that your hoplink is taking your prospects to the proper sales page – YOUR sales page.  For example, if you have chosen – AND REGISTERED – the nickname of “wildman” your hoplink would look like this…..


Copy and paste your hoplink into your browser and hit enter.  You will be taken to the main sales page for the “Secrets of the Big Dogs” ebook, which has the headline of, “You Are About to Become a Thoroughbred of Internet Marketing.”

Near the bottom of this main sales page is the hotlink, “Click HERE to Purchase YOUR Copy of Secrets of the Big Dogs!”  When you click on this hotlink, you (or your prospect!) will be taken to the ClickBank "Secure Order Form" page.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page.  Assuming once again that your nickname is “wildman,” you will see...


So…if in brackets you see "affiliate=" followed by your registered ClickBank nickname then your hoplink is functioning as it should, and you WILL get credit for your ebook sales.

Follow the simple procedure below if your hoplink is not taking you to YOUR ClickBank purchase page:

a.  Delete all temporary Internet files, "cookies," and the history files from your browser.
b.  Shut down your computer and let it "rest" for three or four minutes.
c.  Reboot your computer (in other words, turn it on again).
d.  NOW re-test your hoplink.  You should find that it is working perfectly.

BUT!...  Computers WILL be computers!  And there ARE rare instances when, even after you have "cleaned" your browser as directed above, when testing your hoplink it STILL shows the incorrect affiliate ID. This is due to some computers storing cookies even after they have been deleted from your browser.  So...

e.  ...once again, this is EXTREMELY rare, but if it occurs, simply go to a different computer and test your hoplink again. It the correct affiliate ID now appears, that means that your hoplink DOES work when used on other computers. Simply put, that means you are "good to go!"

Point Number 3:

"In order for your prospects to be taken to YOUR sales page, you must use the UN-RESOLVED form of your hoplink, and NOT the RESOLVED form!"

Whoa!  Wazzat mean!?

Well, in Point Number 2, above, we told you to verify that your hoplink is working properly by inserting it into your browser window and using it to go to the ebook sales site.  Let’s assume that your hoplink is…..


This is an example of what is called an “unresolved” hoplink.  This is the CORRECT from of your hoplink that you should promote.  Let's further assume that you have carefully copied and pasted it into your browser window.  Now when you hit enter to go to the ebook sales site, if you look in your browser window you will find that your “unresolved” hoplink of…..


…..has been “resolved” into the following form…..


These two forms of the hoplink don't look anything alike, do they?  And they do NOT work the same!  Now, when verifying their hoplinks, most affiliates don’t even notice this change, but SOME do.  They then assume that it is the SECOND form (the resolved form) that they should use in promoting the Big Dogs program.  THIS IS NOT CORRECT AND IF YOU USE THE “RESOLVED” FORM OF YOUR HOPLINK YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR YOUR SALES!

Now you don’t have to understand the technical aspects of all this.  You don’t even have to know what a “cookie” is.  Suffice it to say that if you use the PROPER form of your hoplink, then you WILL receive proper credit for your ebook sales.  If you use the “resolved” form of the hoplink, then it will not "set" the ClickBank cookie, and that ebook sale will be credited to the PREVIOUS affiliate whose hoplink was used to access the ebook sales site!  So make SURE that the ClickBank hoplink you are using looks like this…..


and NOT…..


Point Number 4:

"You must NEVER use your actual ClickBank hoplink in an ad.  What you WILL be using is something called a "Target URL"

Are you a little confused?

I know, I know, I know.  Throughout the "Secrets of the Big Dogs" ebook we mentioned several times that it is your ClickBank hoplink that takes your prospects to the ebook sales website.  That IS true, but it's just a little more complex than that, and at the time we didn't want to complicate your basic understanding of the program.

(For now, though, don't worry about what a "Target URL" is.  We'll be covering that in a later Fast-Track Tutorial.  Just be patient - everything will "snap into focus" very shortly.)

There are three reasons why you must never use your actual ClickBank hoplink in an ad.

The first reason is that ClickBank's Terms of Service simply do not permit placing their hoplinks in any form of email advertising.  Their concern is that improperly used hoplinks will result in spam complaints against their company.

The second reason is that ClickBank tracks only your sales- it does NOT track your total clicks.  Your "total clicks" are the total number of people who went to your website, whether or not they actually made a purchase.  You need your total clicks to determine exactly how effective your advertising is.  Tracking total clicks is the responsibility of the AdMinder program, which is the subject of the next Fast-Track Tutorial.

The third reason is to prevent what is called "commission hijacking."

To understand what we’re talking about, we need to go back once again to Point Number 2, and look again at the standard format of the ALL ClickBank hoplinks.  Here we are assuming that the nickname you registered is “joker”  Then when promoting the Big Dogs program, your hoplink would look like…..


In the above hoplink, “joker” of course is your nickname (the nickname of the individual AFFILIATE).  “bigdogs” is the nickname of the COMPANY (in this case, the Big Dogs Home Office).

ClickBank has been around a long time and they process credit cards for THOUSANDS of different merchants (i.e. companies) and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of individual affiliates.

Now here's the important point:  Once you have your nickname registered you can use it for ANY ClickBank merchant.

Let’s take a few hypothetical examples…..

Assume there is a company that is a registered ClickBank merchant that sells an ebook on paper-training your puppy.  This company’s merchant nickname is “puppy.”  Once you become an affiliate for that company, your hoplink would look like….


You see that it is EXACTLY the same as your hoplink for Big Dogs.  The only difference is that the merchant nickname is “puppy” and NOT “bigdogs”

Now assume that you are an affiliate for a company that sells videos on the Civil War, and that their merchant nickname is “videoman”  Your hoplink for this company would be…..


And on, and on…  So you see, once you have registered your nickname with ClickBank, you can be an affiliate for ANY of the thousands of merchants that ClickBank processes credit cards for.  This is great for you as an individual marketer because, if you sell several different products through ClickBank, all your commissions would come to just one account, simplifying your bookkeeping enormously.

But this presents a minor technical flaw in the system as well!

Let’s take a look once more at your hoplink for promoting Big Dogs…..


Now let’s say that a person reads your ad, has previously heard about the Big Dogs program, and knows he wants to purchase the book.  Ordinarily he would click on your link (your ClickBank hoplink), arrive at the Big Dogs sales page, click on the purchase button, and YOU would get the commission.

Ah, but let’s say that that prospect ALREADY has a registered ClickBank nickname!  He can insert HIS nickname into YOUR hoplink, and NOW, when he makes his purchase, it will be HE, and not YOU, who receives the commission!

For example, your ClickBank hoplink is…..


…..where your nickname is “joker.”  The nickname of this other marketer is, let’s say, “pirate.”  He can replace YOUR nickname in the standard hoplink format with HIS nickname….


…..before he goes to the sales site.  NOW…when he buys the “Secrets of the Big Dogs” ebook, he will get the commission and NOT you!  In other words, he will receive a commission on his own purchase – a commission that is essentially a “discount” on his own purchase!

This process is called “commission hijacking.”

Is it unethical?  Is it immoral?  Is it STEALING?  Well, CERTAINLY – to all three!  It was YOU who placed that ad that attracted “pirate” to purchase the ebook.  It was YOU who perhaps paid good money for an ezine ad.  It was YOU who, as a member of the C.H.I.P. programs, certainly has a FINANCIAL stake in the matter.  It was YOU who spent the time and energy to get your ad out in front of the prospect.  So you CERTAINLY deserve to be compensated for your troubles.

“Commission hijacking” is unethical, immoral, and yes, it IS stealing!

Now I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of unscrupulous people on the Internet who delight in PURPOSELY screwing other people out of their hard-earned money.  I have no sympathy for these bottom-feeders, and I don’t think anyone would shed a tear if they were hung from the nearest tree.

But, believe it or not, there are also a lot of people that are guilty of commission hijacking who are honest, sincere, god-fearing people.  They are folks who quite simply don’t understand what they’re doing is wrong.  For example, good ‘ol Joe may see your ad, and think to himself, “Well, I already have a ClickBank nickname, so if I plug it into that hoplink, I’ll get a 'rebate' on my purchase.”  Joe doesn’t analyze the situation enough to realize that he‘s actually taking money out of YOUR pocket.  He just sees it as getting a “rebate!”  Joe is not out to intentionally rob you, but that is EXACTLY what he’s doing!

Recently I received an email from a new Big Dog (we’ll call him Larry) who wanted his sponsor’s signup module.  But Larry had a problem.  He wrote.....

“Dear Stan.  I would like to have my sponsor’s signup module so I can signup for the C.H.I.P. programs, but I don’t know who my sponsor is since I PURCHASED YOUR EBOOK DIRECTLY FROM CLICKBANK.”

See what I mean!?  Larry was certainly not out to rob anyone of their money.  He simply saw what he did as “purchasing the ebook directly from ClickBank!”  He obviously felt that since he thought he was purchasing the ebook from the “source” that he DESERVED a "discount."

But whatever the motivation of these commission hijackers – whether they are actually disreputable scumbags who KNOW they are robbing you, or whether they are just misguided folks who think they are getting a “rebate” or a “discount” – the effect is the same.  YOU LOSE MONEY!  You lose your initial commission on the purchase of the ebook and you lose RESIDUAL income should that purchaser decide to upgrade to Alpha Dog and join the C.H.I.P. programs!

What can you do about it?  How can you protect your hard-earned commission dollars from the unscrupulous and misguided, track your total clicks, AND fulfill ClickBank's Terms of Service all at the same time?

The answer is simple and is the subject of our next Tutorial, "On the Fast-Track with AdMinder"

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