Meet the "Watchdog" of the Internet!

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 Flash Facts!  "Sizzlin' Cynthia's"
CURRENT stats: 

390 ebook sales (AMAZING!)
93 Alpha Dog upgrades (ASTOUNDING!)
23.85% upgrade ratio (INCREDIBLE!)

(And this phenomenal production is just since her return to Big Dogs after a hiatus of several years!)

Cynthia Howard is one of our earliest Alpha Dogs!  Yep!  We have had the honor of Ms Howard's on-and-off presence for nearly TWO DECADES!

"Back in the day" Cynthia was one of our "big guns" - one of our consistent, BIG producers for years.  Eventually, however, she earned her stripes with the Big Dogs organization, and hearing that call that most over-achievers eventually hear - that call to "open her own shop," to call all the shots - she opened her OWN program.

The result of that call was Cynthia's site.....


.....that she has been running ever since, and which has become a hallmark on the Internet - a beacon of truth in a minefield of hype.  Later on we'll be discussing Lifetime Prosperity in depth, but first let's take a closer look at the lady herself and find out how she achieved success with Big Dogs to the point where she was able to "spread her wings" and soar with her own program.

And..... although she lacks the time to actively promote Big Dogs, she STILL manages to pop ebook sales (as well as the occasional Alpha Dog upgrade) on a regular basis from a link on her Lifetime Prosperity site!

Still..... she occasionally puts on a "big push" and ACTIVELY promotes her Big Dogs link.  And she does this VERY effectively.  SO effectively, in fact, that she recently set the year's record for ebook sales in a 24-hour period with...


Fellow Big Dogs, I take pride in introducing the Ralph Nader of Internet Marketing.....

Ms Cynthia Howard!

Stan:  "Well, Cyn, my old friend, let's begin at the beginning.  Tell your fellow Big Dogs about yourself, if you would."

Cynthia:  "My age? Don't even ask!  Sorry, but I don't give that out anymore.  Although I WILL say that I'm old enough to have 11 grandkids, but I got an early start - married at 16!   I have two sons, one with 2 kids and the other with 9!   I am divorced from their Father and currently single."

"I got my start working at Case-Hoyt Printing Company, where my Father worked for over 30 years. I followed in his footsteps and was always interested in typesetting, photography, graphics and printing."

"Eventually, when everything went 'digital' I just gravitated toward online typesetting and desktop publishing. I was always fascinated with computers, even when it was just a word processor and used DOS operating system.  Then we started using Apple computers, and that's when my absolute love - or shall I say obsession - with computers took on a life of its own."

Stan:  "So you sorta 'grew up' in the digital world and were already well-versed in website design and desktop publishing.  How did you get involved with MARKETING on the Internet?"

Cynthia:  "I got my start on the Internet selling items on Ebay to  make some extra income when business was slow, and I have now sold about 5,000 record albums as well as other vintage items."

"While posting items on Ebay, I began surfing around the net, and eventually came across a few affiliate programs that piqued my interest. Eventually, I did less and less posting items on Ebay, and more and more affiliate marketing. After I made a few sales, I got HOOKED on marketing online, and got more and more involved."

"Eventually, I decided to get my own domain and settled on the name Lifetime Prosperity. I'm glad I picked that domain name, because I believe that people can truly achieve prosperity online, if they have good mentors and find the right opportunities. And I really believe in the programs and opportunities that I promote via that website. It REALLY means a lot to me, that everything I link to on that site is legit - to the best of my knowledge, and I have a relationship with the Admins of many of those programs."

"But after a few years of being in the Online Marketing world, I discovered that many, MANY programs and so-called money-making opportunities turn out to be short-lived, and that there are many out-right SCAMS lurking around every turn. That was when I decided to devote my time to weeding out the 'bad guys' and only promote those programs that had HONEST Admins, and those that will likely be around for many years. I'm not always right, but I get better with age and experience, and I can usually spot a scam a mile away."

Stan:  "What had your experience been prior to joining Big Dogs?"

Cynthia:  "Aside from what I stated above, I did have success with a few online opportunities, but many of them bit the dust, or the admins were not honest, or the business models weren't sustainable.  There were times when I felt 'alone in the wilderness' - when I felt like I was one of the few honest people online."

"Then along came 'Secrets of the Big Dogs!'"

"Quite honestly, when I first saw 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I know that sounds a like an exaggeration, but once I read that ebook, I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I remember it well, because my youngest son and his fiance were here from Florida, and I was supposed to be helping them find a good place to get married 'outside' some place in New York State, and it was hard because all I could do was think about Big Dogs. In fact, my son and his 'now' wife of 16 years still mention Big Dogs to me once in awhile, mocking me for talking about it so much at the time!!!"

Stan:  "Geez, Cyn, you make me blush.  I feel humbled that our modest ebook had such an emotional impact on you.  So just what ARE your thoughts about the Big Dogs concept in general?"

Cynthia:  "'Secrets of the Big Dogs' has meant many things to me over the years, and there are a number of reasons for this:"

"Honesty and Integrity are THE most important things when it comes to Internet Marketing, and Big Dogs is at the TOP of my list."

"The one 'secret' that you stress over and over again, Stan, is that the 'Law of Large Numbers' is the fundamental rule of marketing.  Basically:  'He who places the most ads, the most often..... wins!'"

"'Secrets' is THE #1 most fascinating ebook I have EVER read in all my years online."

"The C.H.I.P. programs form the bedrock of everything I do online."

"I loved the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' right from the get-go and I have loved it ever since. I hope it goes on forever and always stays FRESH as it has over the years. That way, I can keep on recommending it to others."

Stan:  "Cyn, I know that you and I share the same sense of ethics, and I also know that you and I both sorta 'grew up' in the early days of Internet marketing.  Back in THOSE crazy days, marketing on the Internet was as treacherous as walking into a saloon in Tombstone, Arizona in 1878!  It WAS the Wild West!  It was the days before spam laws, a time when the US Federal Trade Commission wasn't even AWARE of Internet marketing.  Wyatt Earp, himself, woulda had a tough time!"

"So tell us a little about your website....."

"What did you hope to accomplish with it?  What inspired the idea for it?"

Cynthia:  "Well, Stan, like I said before, I WAS successful with a few of the online projects I attempted.  However, I just grew sick and tired of the number of programs that were run by dishonest admins, who had no sense of 'real-world' business ethics.  I got fed up with business models that were not sustainable - of 'hot, new programs' that were here today, but gone tomorrow.  Like Big Dogs, with LifeTimeProsperity, I was absolutely DETERMINED to bring moral and ethical businesses to the Internet!."

Stan:  "Cynthia, as a proven professional, who has withstood the test of time, if you could give just ONE piece of advice to beginning marketers, what would it be?"

Cynthia:  "Hoo, boy, just ONE!?"

"Look for the Honesty and Integrity of the Admin before you join anything!

"Honesty and Integrity are the qualities I look for first and foremost.  After all, what could be more important that those attributes when it comes to anything in your life?"

"Stan, you will will always be #1 when it comes to those qualities, and I am forever thankful that I was fortunate enough to come across your program when I did, or I might never have found the success that I enjoy today."

"Then, I look for longevity and 'freshness.'  In other words, I don't want to promote or use something that is outdated."

"It is VERY important that the Admin of a program keeps it FRESH, and also keeps the Membership Up To Date on what is going on."

"This is where Secrets of the Big Dogs EXCELS....."

"You (Stan) have been sending out periodic updates with the Big Dogs Newsletter right from the beginning, and that's just one of the awesome perks you get for being 'in the loop.'"

"I know that I look forward to every issue of the Big Dogs newsletter, and I know that my downline members feel the same way."Image result for images honesty integrity


"For me, it's important that any program I promote have ALL of these qualities...
otherwise, I will NOT promote it.


"I have LOVED Big Dogs right from the very beginning, and I still LOVE it TODAY!"