Signing Up As A "Elite" Member Of ...

REMEMBER!:  The upgraded membership you want is the
"Elite" for $15.00 / month.
We also recommend that you read through these instructions once or twice BEFORE you begin the signup process, in order to familiarize yourself with them.

Step 1:

Click on the AdsMessenger hotlink on your Sponsor's Signup Module.

You will be taken to the home page of your sponsor's AdsMessenger website.

Step 2:

Near the top of the page, click the rectangular green hotlink labeled "Join"

On the "New Member Registration" page enter the information requested in the spaces provided:

  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter your Primary (Gmail) email address
  • Re-enter (Confirm) your Primary email address a second time
  • Enter your choice of a username (do not use spaces or upper case letters)
  • Enter your choice of a password (do not use spaces or upper case letters)
  • Re-enter (Confirm) your choice of a password a second time
  • Enter the 3-character  Security Code.
  • Make sure you check the small "I agree to the terms" bo
  • Finally, click the rectangular green "Submit" button

Step 3:

Open your Primary email inbox.

You will have received a confirmation email from the home office of AdsMessenger.  Open this email and click the "confirmation" (or "verification") link.  (Note:  If this "confirm" link does not appear "clickable," just copy and paste it into your browser's address bar to confirm.)

(Now, then... Although your membership has been confirmed ("verified"), you have not yet PAID for it.  In other words, at this point you are still only a FREE memberYou will need to upgrade to the PAID Elite membership for $15.00 per month...)

You SHOULD be automatically redirected to the AdsMessenger's Members Area after clicking the confirmation link.  If you are not, just return to the Home Page at:, and login to the Member's Area with your username and password.

Step 4:  (Important Side Note)

Don’t let yourself get distracted by the sometimes constant barrage of advertising offers to which most website owners subject you during your initial login!

These “offers” are usually of TWO types:

1.  Discounted membership offers.
Often the owner may be running a temporary discount offer for one or more of the upgraded memberships.  Sometimes these discounts ARE worthwhile;  just MAKE SURE that the discount you are presented with is the one you want - the "Elite" membership.  Compare the offer with the one at the top of this page, and THEN decide!

2.  Extra credits, banners, text ads, etc, etc.
You are ALREADY on your way to purchasing the top-level membership, which gives you all you need!  Right now you don’t need any “extra’s.”

You can skip these initial offers by scrolling down to the bottom of each advertisement, or very near the bottom of each advertisement, until you see a hotlink stating,  "No, thanks. Just send me to __________ Member's Area" or "Click here to skip this advertisement" or "Click Here to Proceed to Your Account",or "Click Here to Skip This Recommendation" or something similar.

Click on one of those hotlinks to continue.

You may ALSO be introduced to what are called "LogIn Ads" or "Sponsor Ads"  These are full-page ads that are premium ads from current members (NOT the website owner), that do NOT have that "No Thanks" link at the bottom.  Instead, they will have either a "No Thanks" link at the top of the page, above the ad, or a countdown timer.  After the countdown timer counts down to "0" click the "Go To Members Area" hotlink you will see after the timer counts down to zero.

Eventually, however..... you will be on the "Members Area" Page.

Step 5:

Near the top of the "Members Area" page there is a menu arranged horizontally with SEVERAL hotlinks to various area of the website.  Look for, and click, the hotlink labeled "Buy Advertising / Upgrade"  (It should be the fourth from the left, in the top row of hotlinks).

On the drop-down menu that appears, click the white "Upgrade" link.

Step 6:

On the "Upgrade Account" page you will notice that there are SEVERAL different purchase options, so don't get confused!  The one you want is the one near the center of the page, on the left, the "Elite" membership. for $15.00 per month.  Pay using your credit/debit card by clicking the rectangular blue "Pay With Card" box.

Any Available Discounts?  Yes:

At $15.00, the monthly "Elite" membership costs $45 (3 months X $15.00) each quarter. You will note, however, that by paying on a quarterly basis, the "Elite" membership costs just $30.00 per quarter - that's a HECKUVA discount! - , provided you would prefer that over a monthly subscription.

This IS an EXCELLENT discount!  Just remember that you have several OTHER programs to join!  It may be in your best interests to go with the standard MONTHLY upgrade, to make it easier to budget your funds.
(Most people DO take the monthly option.)

Choose your desired mode of payment (either monthly or yearly), click the appropriate payment button, and complete your purchase of the "Fully-Loaded" Membership.

Step 7:  What your username, password, reseller URL, and reseller ID will look like:

Your username and password are what you use to login to the AdsMessenger site. and were both chosen by you during the signup process.

Your reseller ID is a 4 to 6 digit number, is assigned to you, and is at the end of your reseller URL.  For example, if you were assigned "12345" as your reseller ID, your AdsMessenger reseller URL would look like this:

...and your reseller ID would be:  12345

How to get your reseller URL?  Return to the Members Area.  In that menu at the top of the page, click on the "Affiliates" link.  On the drop-down menu that appears, click the white link labelled "Affiliate Toolbox"

Near the top of the "Affiliate Toolbox" page you will see "Your Affiliate Link"  This is your reseller URL.  Your reseller ID (what you will eventually submit to the Big Dogs Home Office) is the 4 to 6 digit number at the end of your reseller URL.

Make SURE you have your.....

  1. username   (chosen by you on signup) 

  2. password,  (chosen by you on signup)

  3. reseller URL, and

  4. reseller ID:  (The 4-6 digit number that was assigned to you, is at the end of your reseller URL, and is what  you will eventually submit to the Big Dogs Home Office with your Alpha Dog IDs)

.....and enter all four items onto your Master Information Sheet.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now done signing up for a
AdsMessenger paid "Elite" Membership!

Close this AdsMessenger Signup Tutorial and the AdsMessenger site.
You're DONE with 'em for now!
When you come back to your computer you will be returning to you Sponsor's Signup Module to acquire a paid membership in the next CHIP program.
But for right now.....

.....get up from your computer and take a minimum 5 or 10 minute break.
You deserve it!
Have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, or just walk around the house.
All rested up?  Good!