Signing Up As An "Executive" Member Of ...

REMEMBER:  The upgraded membership you want is the
"Executive Membership" for $12.95 / month.
We also recommend that you read through these instructions once or twice BEFORE you begin the signup process, in order to familiarize yourself with them.

Step 1:

Click on the GlobalSafelist hotlink on your Sponsor's Signup Module.

You will be taken to the home page of your sponsor's GlobalSafelist website.

Step 2:

On the "Navigation" menu along the left side of the page click on the fourth hotlink from the top, labeled "Join Now"

On the "Complete The Form Below To Join GlobalSafelist" page enter the information requested in the spaces provided:

  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter your Primary (contact) (Gmail) email address
  • Enter your Secondary (list) (Gmail) email address
  • Enter your choice of a username (do not use spaces or upper case letters)
  • Enter your choice of a password (do not use spaces or upper case letters)
  • Re-enter (confirm) your password
  • To the right of the text stating, "Available Withdrawal Methods" check the PayPal button
  • Enter your PayPal email address in the appropriate block
  • On the drop down menu to the right of "Membership" choose "Executive ($12.95/Month)"
  • Finally, click the rectangular gray "Join" button.

Step 3:

You will be taken to the "Please choose a payment method" page.  Using the drop down menu, choose "Stripe" to upgrade using your credit/debit card.

Upon selecting "Stripe", you will be automatically taken to your payment processor account.  Complete the process for purchasing your Executive membership for $12.95 per month.

Step 4:

NOW check both your Primary and Secondary email inboxes.

You should have received a confirmation email from the home office of GlobalSafelist  in each of your email accounts.  Open these emails and click the "confirmation" link in each one.  (Note:  If this "confirm" link does not appear "clickable," just copy and paste it into your browser's address bar to confirm.)  It may take a few minutes for these confirmation emails to arrive, and you may need to check your spam folder.

Step 5:

If you are not automatically redirected to the GlobalSafelist Members Area after clicking both confirmation links, return to the GlobalSafelist Home Page ( now.

On the "Navigation" menu along the left side of the page click on the second hotlink from the top, entitled "Members"

Step 6:

In the middle of the "Please Login" page, enter your username and password in the appropriate box, and click the rectangular gray "Login" button.

Step 7:

It is common practice for website owners to show you, sometimes  multiple full-page offers, one right after another, when you login.  This practice allows the website owner to inform the members of special deals and sales.  BUT!..... you will want to skip such offers right now;  your immediate goal for the time being is to get to the "Members Area" Page.  (You can investigate the site more fully later on, at your leisure.)  You can skip these initial sales offers by scrolling down to the bottom of each advertisement, or very near the bottom of each advertisement, until you see a hotlink stating,  "No, thanks. Just send me to the Member's Area" or "Click here to skip this advertisement" or something similar.

Click on this hotlink.

You may also be introduced to what are called "LogIn Ads"  These are full-page ads that are ads from members (not the website owner), that do NOT have that "No Thanks" link at the bottom.  Instead, they will have either a "No Thanks" link at the top of the page, above the ad, or a countdown timer.  After the countdown timer counts down to "0" click the proceed to member's area hotlink.

You will finally be on the main Members Area Page.

Step 8:  What your username, password, reseller URL, and reseller ID will look like:

Your username and password are what you need to login to the GlobalSafelist site. and were both chosen by you during the signup process.

Your reseller ID is ALSO your username, and is at the end of your reseller URL.  For example, if you chose "hotdog" as your username during the signup process, your GlobalSafelist reseller URL would look like this:

...and your reseller ID would be:  hotdog

How to get your reseller URL?  While you are still on the "Affiliate Program for (name)" page, scroll down PAST the "Change Your Payment Information" area.  You will see "Your Affiliate Link"  (i.e. this is your reseller URL)

Make SURE you have your.....

  • username  (chosen by you during signup)

  • password,   (chosen by you during signup)

  • reseller URL, and

  • reseller ID:  (This is also your username which you CHOSE during the signup process, is at the end of your reseller URL, and is what you will eventually submit to the Big Dogs Home Office with your Alpha Dog IDs.) 

.....and enter all four items onto your Master Information Sheet.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now done signing up for a
GlobalSafelist paid Executive Membership!

Close the GlobalSafelist site and the GlobalSafelist Signup Tutorial.  You're DONE with 'em!
When you come back to your computer you will be returning to you Sponsor's Signup Module to acquire a paid membership in the next CHIP program.
But for right now.....

.....get up from your computer and take a minimum 5 or 10 minute break.
You deserve it!
Have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, or just walk around the house.
All rested up?  Good!