"A man who stops advertising to save money
is like a man who stops a clock to save time."
-Henry Ford

"It's the FUTURE of  viral mailers,
for a low one-time LIFETIME price!"

 ...that make
YourReturnMailer unique!"

   "Your Credits Are Never Wasted!"

    Y'see. the major flaw with 99% of all viral mailers
     (safelists) is that...

...if prospects don't click on your
     ads, your mailing credits are G-O-N-E.

        For example...

...let's say you use 1,000 of your mailing credits (in the typical safelist) to have your ad mailed to 1,000 prospects (list members). Now, the average click-thru-rate (the "CTR") is just 1-2%.  That means that, if you mail to 1,000 prospects, you can expect 10 to 20 prospects to click the link in your ad and actually view your website.

What happens to those other 980 to 990 credits you used?  They are GONE partner - LOST FOREVER!!!

Not so, with YourReturnMailer!

After three days, the credits in any of your ads that remain "unclicked" are RETURNED TO YOUR ACCOUNT...to be used AGAIN!!!

Your mailing credits are never wasted.  Cool, huh!

    "True 'Set-And-Forget' marketing!"

    Tired of having to login every few days to a safelist
     account to mail out your ads?

Not so, with YourReturnMailer!

     Your upgraded membership in YourReturnMailer gives you the option to use their Automated Mailer.  Just set it up and your ad will AUTOMATICALLY be sent out to the entire membership every day...and you don't have to do a thing.

You only need to return to YourReturnMailer when you wish to change your ad!  Fantastic, right!

     "A VERY lucrative commission plan!"

     Looking for a great "side hustle' to go along with
     your other favorite programs?

     Well, by golly, the YourReturnMailer commission
     plan HAS it:

Top-level Gold membership pays 50% commission!
A mere $10.00 minimum to get paid!
Payment via Paypal, Skrill, and TransferWise!
Mere one day "hold" period!
Simple, on-site commission request link!

Marketers want it, marketers need it, and with
YourReturnMailer, you can make a bundle providing it!

     "Top-notch, responsive owners!"

     Experienced, professional owner/admins, in the
     person of Fernand and Rhonda Brodeur, are at the helm of
YourReturnMailer.  They can be counted on to run a
     tight ship and to get you your justly earned
     commissions...QUICK, FAST, AND IN A HURRY!

This dynamic duo of seasoned marketers can assist you in taking your Internet business into the stratosphere!

No wasted credits.  All "unclicked" credits are RETURNED to your account!

Complete "set-and-forget" marketing.  Just set it up and go on vacation!

     "The low, LOW one-time, LIFETIME
     price will knock your socks off!"

     NO monthly payments!

     NO on-gong subscriptions!

     Just pay it once - you're DONE!

I've "played with" YourReturnMailer since its launch, and I've found that it delivers substantial traffic and a far-above-average click-thru rate to get your ads seen.  And the benefits you get are H-U-G-E!

It's a great NEW platform on which to
promote ANY program of your choice!!!

(Now, I'm a simple guy, and I like things s-i-m-p-l-e.  So another point that I like about YourRturnMailer is it's utter simplicity - a nice "clean" site that is easy to navigate, easy to get in, place your ads, and get out of!


...an easy-to-use site that has all the features professional marketers look for!

"OK, so NOW what?

Well, first of all, just click the link below to join as a FREE member. (Naturally, everybody initially joins as a FREE member, right?)

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Less than eighty bucks for a LIFETIME
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YourReturnMailer is gonna keep you busy for a
L-O-N-G while!